Waste & Junk Removal

The choice of a particular car for your largest hauling projects depends on the nature of the work, the volume of the cargo carried, the distance of transportation. We will assist you in selecting the most efficient and economical option for renting a dumper. We offer for a rent a14 cubic yards dump truck with excellent characteristics of carrying capacity, capacity, and body volume.

The 14 cubic yards dump truck is used for transportation (trucking) of bulk cargo: sand, gravel, soil. This truck has higher sides in order to be also used in hauling waste, junk, building materials and also a removal of construction (demolition) debris after dismantling of buildings. The 14 cubic yards dump truck is rated by how many cubic yards it carries (from 10 to 14 cubic yards of average dirt, waste, etc).

You do not have the opportunity to purchase your own dump truck, do you? Or do you consider the acquisition and maintenance of it unjustified economically because the 14 cubic yards dump truck will be used only for one-time work? Renting a 14 cubic yards dump truck will allow you to use our services and at the same time to save a lot of money of your own. Contact us and we will be glad to cooperate with you. You can make your investment back in no time making your order here.

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