How much time do you spend in your kitchen? Are you in charge of making the lunches for school, or cooking for a large brood? Do you like to create dishes for company or family that involve a lot of time and effort, or do you take the time only to grab a bite and a soda? Whether you realize it or not, most of us spend an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen, either preparing, eating or maintaining the space. Even if you are a grab-and-dash person, you still want efficiency and functionality in your kitchen, as well as beautiful surroundings and comfort. Is it time to replace that old stove or refrigerator, add a microwave, shelves, cabinets and flooring? What about the skylight you have been envisioning for extra light and ambiance? A KITCHEN REMODEL IS AN IMPORTANT UNDERTAKING THAT NEEDS TIME, PATIENCE AND EXPERTISE TO COMPLETE The choices for kitchen appliances, design and function are many. Make the right decision by hiring the best person for the job. Ethical, responsible and respectful of your creative endeavors and choices, Alex Denissov will help you design and bring to life your dreams of the perfect kitchen! Custom kitchen remodeling can be a nightmare without the right kitchen installation services. You want it right the first time- not constant re-do's and delays. You can rely on the work being done correctly and to your satisfaction the first time. There will be no wondering when and if your contractor will finish your project within the time frame to which you agreed, or in the way you planned. Create the dinners you wish to serve from your new center cooking island or range. Add a wall or take one out. A new walk-in pantry or special hidden closet for your cleaning products could be a real boost to your organizational needs. New flooring in a variety of materials and styles will add value to your home with spectacular entries and working areas. Remodeling kitchens is an undertaking you want to trust to a professional such as Alex Denissov, one who values your visions for your home. Most of the time the kitchen is the hub of the home. Enhance you creativity and comfort in a kitchen of your own design - one that will be carried out with integrity and purpose by a highly respected contractor who has done business in Chicago and its suburbs for twenty years. Remodeling kitchens (services Mundelein; Hawthorn Woods; Vernon Hills; Killdeer; Long Grove; Deer Park; Buffalo Grove; Arlington Heights; Palatine; Barrington; Lake Zurich)
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