When is the last time you went into your bathroom, looked around and were satisfied by what you saw in there? Could you picture the large tub for a lengthy soak, whirlpool spa, lovely serenity displayed in murals on walls, and top-of-the line shower? How about a gorgeous skylight to let the sun in while you bathe? Whether you prefer a functional space, or a bathroom that resembles a Roman bath house, you can design and create custom bathrooms that have exactly what amenities you desire for your comfort and style. Add linen closets, window treatments, or do a whole bathroom remodel to create the space you envision. A new tub, shower and sink could add thousands of dollars to the value of your home, as well as functional comfort. Perhaps a larger space is preferred, or different lighting for the make-up table area. For an instant upgrade, add new tiling work in special designs or colors to match new paint or wall coverings. Tiles create instant beauty either by reflecting or muting the lighted areas or surround of your tub or shower. Who says toilets must be ugly? See the array of choices and colors available to you. Add a window or beautiful entry door, special moldings and flooring, cabinets and storage space for towels. Maybe you would like beautiful shelving to display rich soaps or decor? REMODELING BATHROOMS IS A SPECIALTY OF ALEX DENISSOV AND ONE IN WHICH HE IS AN EXPERT His twenty years of experience and the vast array of homes he has improved with original design and attention to detail is impressive. From adding one piece, to complete gutting and re-design, his eye for creating the perfect bath is unmatched. His bathroom installation services are held in high esteem by the clients he has helped to design and bring their dreams into reality. Let's face it - the bathroom can be the most important space in your home at times - why not enjoy the visit? Remodeling Bathrooms (services out Mundelein; Hawthorn Woods; Vernon Hills; Killdeer; Long Grove; Deer Park; Buffalo Grove; Arlington Heights; Palatine; Barrington; Lake Zurich)
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